July 20-22, 2018
Dalian, China
Keynote Speakers

Dingxuan Huang / 黄定轩
Guilin University of Technology
 / 桂林理工大学


Title: The Impact of Institutional Reform of Safety Supervision on Mortality Rate in China Coal Mine: A Theory Model 
and Empirical Research

China coal mine mortality rate appears a periodical phenomenon. Based on law of the jungle model, an evolutionary theory model with population change on coal mine safety supervision is developed to discuss this phenomenon. The evolutionary stable points and stability conditions of the theory model are discussed, the influence of different parameters on the system stable points are analyzed following, the evolutionary symbiotic processes of different agents in the model are simulated, and the data based on the theory model are collected and analyzed . The results shows that the symbiotic evolutionary stable points in the law of the jungle model depends on the support ability of illegal production behaviors on safety supervision actions, the influence of every parameter on the system stable point varies differently. The statistical analysis since 1949 on mortality rate and institutional reform of China coal mine safety supervision shows the Grainger causality test rejected the hypothesis that institutional reforms would not affect the mortality rate per million tons, but accepted that the mortality rate is not the cause of institutional reform. The research conclusion can effectively explain the variation characteristics of coal mine safety mortality accident in China. 


Oral Presentation

Enzhong Zhao / 赵恩重
Dalian Maritime University 大连海事大学

Title: The effect of segmented lighting on tunnel lighting energy-saving

The aim of this study is improving the effect of tunnel lighting intelligent control system on tunnel lighting energy-saving. Firstly, there are threshold zone, transition zone, interior zone and exit zone in a tunnel basing on the JTG-2014 in China. Then the structure and workings of tunnel lighting intelligent control system are given. The control system uses the method of “vehicle in, light brightens; vehicle out, light darkens” to save energy, and it is worthy for energy-saving. Further, in order to achieve energy-saving more on the basis of the system equipment, segmented lighting is proposed. The working-steps of segmented lighting are listed. The adjustment of LED lamps’ luminance is not synchronous in a tunnel. The LED lamps of threshold zone and transition zone are adjusted to their minimum luminance earlier than interior zone and exit zone for more energy-saving. Finally, the effects of tunnel lighting intelligent control system with and without segmented lighting are compared in energy-saving. Segmented lighting has obvious effect on energy-saving, especially for longer tunnel.

Yuanxiu Wang / 王元秀
Dalian university of technology 大连理工大学

Title: Investigation and Analysis of Water Environment of Dalian

Water environment of Dalian is investigated and analyzed. Firstly, water samples are collected from different areas of Dalian, including Bohai Sea, Huanghai Sea and two reservoirs. Secondly, a series of tests are conducted to measure PH, NH3-N, COD and SS of the water samples. Finally, by the comparison with water environmental quality standards stipulated by China, the water quality in Dalian region is assessed.


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